+ BMOGS History

The Midland Obstetrical And Gynaecological Society was founded in 1912 and went into decline during the Second World War years.

The Birmingham and Midland Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society was founded on 31st March 1949 during a meeting held in the Birmingham Medical Institute of the Midland Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society. It was decided unanimously to wind up the Society and to found a new society called the 'Birmingham and Midland Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society'.

The original Office Bearers were Professor Hilda Lloyd as President, who later became Dame Hilda Lloyd and was the only female President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Professor Hugh McLaren was appointed Secretary and The Treasurer was Mr Sam Davidson.

The original subscription fee was one guinea for consultants and 10/6d for trainee specialists. In modern money this is £1.05 and 52p respectively.

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